Russel Peters – The best comedy act out there

I’m a huge Russel Peters fan from the moment I saw his Comedy Now special that went viral on YouTube. He is probably the only Indian comic who’s not corny and who has mass appeal (growing everyday) and who has a unique (entertaining) POV on things. His claim to fame is his impression of the Indian accent as well as other accents he exaggerates to entertain his audience with – Chinese, Jamaican, Latino, British, Irish, etc. This page is intended to be a homage to this great artist by curating his best work (according to me) and placing them all in one place – here – thus saving you the pain/hassle of finding all this stuff by doing independent google searches for the content. I would also like to encourage those that like this content to purchase Russel Peters genuine DVDs.

so here goes…

The Full comedy now special – HQ version

Russel Peters in NYC – Intense Comedy

David & Vicky (made in Taiwan):

Russel in London

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Best Moments

On Lopez Tonight


The King and I…. (Russel & the king of Jordan – King Abdullah)


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  1. blackwatertown

    New to me.
    Thanks for posting about him.

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