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11 Things you ought 2 know about me (Rajiv Jadhav)

11 Things You Ought 2 Know About Me

1. We live in a world made up of a multitude of heterogeneous peoples. I think Humanity is the one element that binds us together. Being able to relate to people irrespective of diverse culture and creeds, in my opinion, is important for our collective harmony and growth. This belief has been reaffirmed over the years post conversing with a diverse set of peoples over the World Wide Web.

2. Fantasy dominated the early, formative years of my life. I was very taken in by Superman and his ability to be super. This inspired me to try to be super in my own unique way. The creation of ‘Rajivness’ – an eternal state of being abundantly pleased with the self.

3. Music is my passion and an integral part of me. I was humming Roxette’s – She’s got the look; one day, when a couple of people around me joined in each singing in his own style. The melody in the fusion that resulted was fascinating. The way a tune got through to a heterogeneous set of people and had the exact same (joyous) effect on each individual amazed me.

4. Learning about the world cultures fascinates me. Chatting one evening on the Internet, I met a girl from Sofia (Bulgaria) and initiated conversation in her native tongue ‘Zdrasti! Kak si? Hello! How are you?’ The connection that was created amazed me. I learnt that people are most receptive when spoken to in a language most familiar to them.

5. My interest in culture extends beyond our universe. The warmth and care that some of these evoke is truly remarkably. I do not believe in goodbyes. To close friends I say live long and prosper.

6. Embedded in the depths of what moves me are the virtues of Valor and Courage. To persevere in the face of adversity, even when no hope seems in sight and to emerge victorious (bruised, but not broken) is outstanding in my opinion. The movie ‘Gladiator’ occupies a special place in my mind and heart. It inspires me to persevere.

7. One of my favorite words is ‘why’. Many people think it is trivial and childish. I guess they don’t share my fascination with discovery. I think questions are more important than answers. They cause discomfort since they challenge popular belief, but they are also the harbinger of change and very often, introduce a new era of learning and improvement.

8. Michael Jordan once said that man was meant to fly. This inspired me greatly. The act of doing the unthinkable with grace and style even for a few brief moments is exhilarating. Improving my ability and pushing my limits is an enduring goal in sport and life.

9. I savor individuality. It is both refreshing and provocative. It helps keeps things alive and interesting. It is that one thing that gives us identity and a feeling of self.

10. During a group meeting late one night, when we were unable to analyze a case study a quarrel erupted since the submission was due in a few hours. I found the entire situation amusing and laughed out loud. The quarrel paused. I drew the group’s attention to their childish antics. Everyone burst out laughing. After that, everything seemed much clearer and we were able to crack the assignment and do a good job as well. It was interesting how a little humor could so rapidly turnaround the entire situation.

11. At age 6, to check if a lizard could swim I let one in a soda bottle, only to watch its fatal drowning My curiosity for things has sobered down over the years and I’m still fascinated with the unknown and the undone.