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My favourite TV commercials

Tv commercials aren’t always about ‘Buy me NOW’, ‘FREE’, ‘MORE’ or other subverse sales ploys – atleast they weren’t meant to be. TV commercials sometimes actually have larger than life messages which positively impact mankind in some small yet profound way.

I’m not suggesting that all the ads here are ‘profound’ – most are just plain entertaining, though some, like the British Airways, New Zealand Telecom (Father & Son) ads are so profound they leave lumps in the throat, tears in the eyes and a sense of awe in the hearts of the viewers.

Pls check them all out and pls do comment on your thoughts.

New Zealand Telecom: Father & Son

British Airways

Nike: Chainsaw

nike: Good vs Evil

Spanish version:

English Version

Adidas Kungfu Soccer: USA vs China


Classic MJ Pepsi

Coke vs Pepsi

Pirrelli Tyres: Carl Lewis


Smiling Bob – Enzyte (Erectile Dysfunction)

African Condom Ad